The finest products can only be made from the best raw materials.

We pay great attention to ethical supply. Raw materials are sourced locally wherever possible and always from sustainable sources.

All of our raw materials and end products are free from genetic modification, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.Salmon ready for smoking

In the interests of sustainability, Salmon is sourced from the best farming companies in Scotland, who themselves follow best practice in ethical production and sustainability.

Our own trout river



Trout is produced locally from our own farms on the chalkstream rivers Test and Itchen. This meets the highest standards of Freedom Foods, Global Good Agricultural Practice and Quality Trout UK.

Eels come from farm sources in Holland. Suppliers are members of The Sustainable Eel Standard, established to assist in the recovery of the wild eel population in Europe, which has been in serious decline. You can find further information on the Sustainable Eel Group:

Meat and poultry is locally sourced from local farms wherever possible.

Jumping troutOur Trout farm on the river testtrout